October 16, 2009
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New shopping center brings great variety, greater food

by Edward Perenyi, staff writer

Bethlehem’s shopping scene has, quite fankly, become stagnant. The new shopping center on Airport Road is hoping to stir things up a bit. It may not have as many stores as the Lehigh Valley Mall, or be as fancy as the Promenades, but it beats the pants off the Westgate Mall. This brand new shopping area has great eats, great specialty stores and the piece de la resistance, a Target.

Before now, if a consumer wanted to get great prices on electronics, a few pieces of incredibly inexpensive clothing and some furniture, they had o travel all the way out to Whitehall, or (God forbid) enter a Wal-Mart. The new Target offers all of the aforementioned commodities, and even a food and beverage section, which carries a wide array of snacks, sodas and nutritious items.

Another heavy hitter at the Airport Road shopping center is Golf Galaxy, a one-stop shop for all of your golfing needs. It is cheaper than the other pro-shops and has a larger selection of clubs, equipment, and apparel than Dick’s or Sports Authority. So gear up, and hit the fairway before it gets too cold.

As winter rolls its ugly head around, you may want to check out the “Christmas Tree Shoppe,” which despite the deceiving

Five Guys Burgers
photo by Jonas Peschel
This is the latest Five Guys Burgers and Fries at the Airport Road shopping center. It is the most popular of the area’s attractions.
name, does not exclusively sell Christmas trees. Rather, this store is more like an “Ollies or Big Lot,” specializing in arts and crafts to keep you busy while you are stuck inside.

If golf, crafts, and super savings are not your “thing,” Airport Road offers some great dining options as well. The most notable out of several eateries, has to be Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which is a restaurant chain renowned for its delicious food and excellent prices. In addition to Five Guys, there is On the Border, a Mexican Restaurant similar to the once great Don Pablo’s. More dining options will be made available in the near future.

While the shopping center on Airport Road may not be the most glamorous, the convenience of having a Target, several specialty stores, and dining all in one area makes it something to check out.

A bit of advice...

  • If you like soup, you will love Zoup!, an all natural lounge-type eatery.
  • Should Sonic, a burger-and-shake drive-in, become a fixture on Airport road, it would
    officially make this shopping center the tastiest in the valley.



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