December 20, 2007
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Happy HanuKwanzMas!
Students from different backgrounds prepare for winter celebrations
'Tis the season to be stressed out

by Marisa Steinberg, staff writer

Holidays are a time of celebration, when families come together to enjoy each other, while putting aside the worries of their everyday lives.

Students, however, find themselves weighed down with extra work that seems to prevent them from enjoying the fun that should be had in the holiday season.

“Christmas [is stressful] because you have to clean the house, as well as buy gifts for everyone and I don’t have a lot of money,” said Greg Skutches, ‘09.

Christmas tops the list of holidays that stress students out the most and for many reasons. Laura Kauer, ‘10, also feels “burdened by the need to buy gifts and send greeting cards to friends and family.”

In addition to these household chores, students have to deal with school. Many students feel a notable increase in the amount of schoolwork they receive.

“Everything’s crammed; it’s supposed to be a break but you don’t get a break if you are worrying about work,” said Kyrsten Novak, ‘10.

Kauer also took notice of this increase in “annoying” work which teachers try to squeeze in before a big break. Josh Hoff, ‘10, believes that the extra work puts a damper on the exciting week before break.

“Everyone can’t wait for break to start, but I hate when teachers give you tests the day before vacation. It should be a time when you are preparing to have fun,” said Hoff.

To students, the extra work may seem unnecessary and unfair, but teachers see things differently.

“They [teachers] figure kids will have more time to work on things” said history teacher Megan Abbott.

On the contrary, a number of students don’t have time for more work since vacation often means traveling, being away from home for a while, or spending vast amounts of time with family members.

“I spend a lot of time with my grandma during the holidays and I don’t like to think about school work when I’m with my family,” said John Fox, ‘09.

Cory Roth, ‘10, is also short on time to complete excessive schoolwork since he visits Puerto Rico during the holidays.

“It stresses me out because I have to pack and I just want to relax before Christmas,” said Roth.

When all this stress seems to be too much, students have various ways of dealing with it. Family and friends are the solution for Skutches who enjoys “hanging with my friends and brothers.”

Other students, like Kauer, choose some alone time to “listen to music or read.”

Novak, however, likes to take on her work right away.

“I just get it done with and then I don’t have to worry about it,” said Novak.

While the holidays are supposed to be stress-free and full of leisure with family and friends, some students find it difficult to forget the pressures that stem from school and household responsibilities.

Funniest Holiday Moments
Students relive most outrageous memories of the season

Taylor Schlener, ‘10

“One Christmas when I was six, I snuck downstairs to wait for Santa to come. When I saw him I jumped up to give him a hug and accidently pulled off his beard. I was so shocked and scared that I punched him in the face. It turns out my dad is Santa Claus.”



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