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Physical Education Grading Rubric


A 10-point scale will be used to evaluate the students during the class period.  Points are awarded based on the student’s performance, participation, and attitude.  Any of the infractions or behaviors listed below will result in that point score for the physical education class period.


0 POINTS Deducted

  • Proper attire
  • Participating to best of ability
  • Skill level progressing as expected


2 POINTS Deducted

  • Not following instructions
  • Tardy
  • Need skill improvement
  • Showing disrespect
  • Poor Sportsmanship
  • Arguing
  • Dress code violation
  • Leaving any teaching area with out asking permission or having a pass


3 POINTS Deducted

  • Reduced effort (warm-ups)
  • Intentionally breaking the rules
  • Displaying or voicing obscenities
  • Performing unsafe acts
  • Bringing any food or drink into any teaching area


5 POINTS Deducted

  • Non-Active for part of the class
  • Unauthorized area
  • *Any cell phone/ electronic devices seen by teacher in class (1st offense)


10 POINTS Deducted

  • Unprepared (Not dressed in the proper uniform)
  • Unauthorized area
  • Unexcused absence (Cutting Class- Truant)
  • Fighting
  • **Any cell phone/ electronic devices seen by teacher in class (2nd Offense)


**See Code of Conduct for list or inappropriate electronic devices


**On 2nd offense the phone or electronic device will also be confiscated by the teacher and given to the office


Make-ups – Students may make up 2 classes that they were unprepared or absent for within a marking period.  Make-up dates will be posted in grade level offices, PE offices, and locker room doors.  Make-ups will be held 3 times per marking period from 2:50-3:50 pm.  Activity bus passes will be distributed following the make-up session.


Absences – No points will be deducted from your grade for the first 2 excused absences within a quarter.  Any absence beyond 2 will result in a deduction of points from your grade.  Absences include vacation, field trip, or missing class for another school event (with the presence of a pass BEFORE HAND).  Any absence must be made up or a result of deduction of points will occur.


Parental / Doctor Note – A parental note to excuse you from class will be accepted, however, you will be expected to make-up the class or points will be deducted.  A doctor’s note DOES NOT need to be made up – NO points will be deducted.  A doctor’s note must be submitted prior to an activity. 


Physical Education Dress Code Procedures


Pool Procedures:

Dress Code:

Females are to wear a one-piece bathing suit.  If a two-piece bathing suit is going to be worn, a dark grey t-shirt MUST be worn over the bathing suit. 


Males are to wear a bathing suit with a drawstring.  A dark grey t-shirt is optional. 


Cut off jeans will not be permitted.  Points will be deducted if the dress code is not followed. 


Medical Concerns:

If a medical condition arises, the student is responsible for bringing gym clothes to participate with another teacher.  If the student does not bring his/her clothes then they will not be able to make up the missed pool class with another teacher.  They must go to an after school make up to receive their points back. 


Locker Room Procedures:

            Students will be given 10 minutes to change before class begins and 20 minutes to change at the end of the class period. 

            Students will follow the same procedure for lockers as listed below.


Locker Room Procedures:

-                       Students will be assigned a locker to use for the class period only.

-                       Each student is responsible for his/her valuables and providing a lock for their locker.  Teachers WILL NOT be collecting valuables.

-                       Locks that are left on a locker will be cut off at the end of the school day by 2:50. 

-                       Students will enter the locker room and ALL personal items will be left in the assigned locker in the secured locker room during the class period.

-                       Students will be given 10 minutes to change at the beginning of the class period.  Once the 10 minutes are up all students must exit and will not be allowed to re-enter until the end of the class period.

-                       NO food or drink will be allowed in the gym area. 



Physical Education Dress Code Guidelines:

T-shirts: Students must wear a solid white or grey t-shirt or any approved Liberty t-shirt.  Solid sweatshirts or Liberty approved sweatshirts may be worn during cooler weather.


Shorts: Students must wear long mesh or athletic style shorts.  “Soffe” style shorts are permitted but MUST be rolled down.

      Solid sweat pants or Liberty approved sweat pants may be worn during cooler weather.  NO pajama pants.