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About Us
 LHS Health and Physical Education Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

Our goal as physical educators is to create a curriculum that enables students to personally improve upon their level of muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascularendurance. Through completion of this curriculum, students will be able to

demonstrate their competence in select motor skills, apply cognitive skills, and make healthy lifestyle decisions. All classes will be supplemented with lifetime fitness activities.


Students will learn appropriate social skills while participating in physical education classes. One of our main goals is to educate students in lifelong activities using proper sportsmanship skills.


If a student misses a class because he/she is unprepared or ill, they can attend physical education make-ups. The department offers after school make-up classes for both physical education and swimming. Students may attend 2 make-up classes per

marking period.


During the 4 years of physical education class, our main goal is to have every student comfortable with a variety of lifetime sports and activities. Another goal is to challenge all students to grow in character, self-reliance and self-discipline. We also strive for students to improve their self-image and reach a higher level of health, vitality, and wellness.