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If a student is preoccupied with matters in his personal life, he is not likely to put forward his best effort. Therefore, it is important that personal matters be dealt with so that school can remain a high priority. Although SSC staff members can not solve every problem that students encounter, they are excellent sources of information and can usually make a referral to someone or some place that can help. If you or someone you know should encounter concerns of a personal nature, you are strongly encouraged to bring them to the attention of your Guidance Counselor. This page is intended to help identify commons issues confronting students and some agencies that can help.

Liberty has teamed up with local agencies to improve the health and wellbeing of students. Over 10 local agencies cooperate to improve students' physical and mental health at Liberty High School. Click here to learn more.

Common Personal Concerns

  • Abuse - physical and/or psychological
  • Addictions - drug and/or alcohol
  • Anger - conflicts with peers and/or family
  • Depression - thoughts of despair and perhaps suicide
  • Eating Disorder - overeating or undereating (e.g., anorexia and bulemia)
  • Family - divorce, abuse, addiction, conflicts, and runaway
  • Grief - death of a close friend or family member
  • Illness - health related issues
  • Relationship issues - boyfriend/girlfriend

Local Agencies

Phone Number
Organization/Web Site
All Personal Concerns/Referrals
610 435-7111
Valley Wide Help - American Red Cross
1 800 932-0313

610 778-2066
AIDS Information
610 974-8700
AIDS Services Center
Conflict Resolution
610 837-9900
Center for Humanistic Change
610 252-9060

610 782-3127

Northampton County

Lehigh County

Domestic/Date Violence
610 437-3369

Family Concerns
610 867-3946
Family & Counseling Services
Gender Issues
610 432-6481
VIP at Valley Youth House
Homeless Outreach
610 691-1200
Homeless Shelter at Valley Youth House
610 821-0943
Care Net - Pregnancy Centers of the Lehigh Valley
610 691-1200
Valley Youth House
610 691-7200
Student Service Centers
610 402-7460
Coalition for a Smoke-Free Valley
Violent Crimes
610 437-6611
Crime Victims Council


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