Issue 2, February 17, 2015

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Young Writer Online

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Everything but the Truth

by Emma Kautz (Class of 2017)

Will you ever stop to realize
That this shell that you inhabit
Is as dismal as the bare landscape of space
And as meaningless as the words that you speak
Will you ever understand
How much pain you unknowingly cause
With your pretense of friendship
And the falsehood that you call love
When will you see
Through the compliments that cloud your vision
And the delusion that dulls your mind
How can you ever see the truth
When your world is full of unpunished injustices and unlawful deceit
I hope that one day you polish the lens that shows you life
And learn to forgive those that you have wronged as they strive to forgive you
I hope your daze will one day be broken
And your hypnotic powers rendered useless
By someone who will accept nothing but the truth
My wish is that your snakes will no longer be charmed
That your subjects will no longer be poked and prodded
That all of the credit you take can no longer be stolen
My hope is that one day you see the truth

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