Issue 2, February 17, 2015

Liberty High School Presents:

Young Writer Online

Liberty's student literary magazine.


by Emily Buell

To be really alone in the world
Is to be numb.
To feel nothing.
To let no one penetrate your walls.
To hide.

You watch the others as they parade
with their masks
of self-confidence
of happiness
but even through your window
far away from it all
you see the truth
behind their masks.
Because you wear one too.

And every morning you summon the courage
to put on your mask
and even though your walls are high
your mask makes you appear
as though they don't even exist.
But when you return to your room
nothing has changed.
To be really alone in the world
is to wear a mask
Covering up your insecurities
your deepest hopes, dreams.
We willingly seclude ourselves
as we hide ourselves.

Raise your mask.

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