Issue 2, February 17, 2015

Liberty High School Presents:

Young Writer Online

Liberty's student literary magazine.


by Victoria Kaleycik (Class of 2015)

Picture an erupting volcano,
Spewing ash and lava tumultuously.
Or picture a reckless earthquake,
Scattering smoke and human lives into oblivion.
Beyond the rubble,
One thing still remains – devastation.
Those lies you spoke, that betrayal and pain you have inflicted upon so many,
Are as destructive as any natural disaster
Because you not only shatter innocence,
You also evaporate happiness,
Leaving trails of depression in your wake.
Why are you this way?
Who has wronged you so tremendously
That you have become a merciless monster?
You have flipped an irreplaceable switch in your heart,
That has transformed your once naïve soul
Into a submerged pit of piercing bitterness and despair.
Your grief-stricken life can be rectified
But only if you are inclined to do so.
Unfortunately, I know that will never transpire
Because your heart was wrongly taken
By a force that cannot be reckoned with;
A ruthless devil.

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