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  • 10.21 – Academic Support Night, 6-8 pm

Attention Class of 1985

Reunion scheduled for November 7th, 2015, email for more information and an invitation to the Liberty High School (LHS) Class of 1985 (85) Facebook group.

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A Note from Principal Bailey

Today, we practiced two very important emergency procedures. First, we placed the building in a formal lockdown. This process is designed to secure all areas of our building by eliminating classroom access and student/staff movement. Once the lockdown process was evaluated by administrators, students remained in their classrooms and we moved into a contraband search, using K9 dog units. These trained officers searched the school for drugs and paraphernalia, under the direct supervision of BASD administrators. This was a pre-planned activity that we conduct periodically.

The purpose of these procedures is to keep our children safe and drug free. We thank you for your assistance in accomplishing these important tasks and look forward to your continued support.

Harrison Bailey III
Principal, Liberty High School

Hoy practicamos dos procedimientos muy importantes de emergencia.

El primero fue colocamos el edificio en un cierre formal. Este proceso está disenado para asegurar todas las áreas de nuestro edificio, eliminando el acceso y movimiento de estudiantes y empleados. Una vez que el proceso de bloqueo fue evaluada por los administradores, los estudiantes permanecieron en sus salones de clase y nos trasladamos a una búsqueda de contrabando, utilizando unidades de perros K9. Estos oficiales entrenados rastrearon la escuela por drogas y parafernalia, bajo la supervisión directa de los administradores BASD.

Esta fue una actividad previa a la planificada que llevamos a cabo periódicamente. El propósito de estos procedimientos es para mantener a nuestros ninos seguros y libres de drogas. Le damos las gracias por su ayuda en la realización de estas tareas importantes y esperamos contar con su apoyo continuo.

Harrison Bailey III
Escuela Superior de Liberty

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Representative Dent speaks to Liberty Contemporary Constitutional Law Students

Representative Dent Visit

U.S. Rep Charlie Dent speaks to Liberty Constitutional Law students

Briana Lewis - Courtesy of Liberty Life

BETHLEHEM - On Tuesday September 22, Pennsylvania U.S. Representative Charlie Dent of Allentown visited Liberty High School to speak to Contemporary Constitutional Law students about the U.S. Constitution, his role as a U.S. representative and his part in federal law passing.

After stopping in Hershey and Harrisburg and just before visiting Bethlehem City Hall to discuss political issue and government with locals and back to D.C., Dent stopped by the Liberty's Art Gallery.

On top of being a member of the House of Representatives Dent also shared with students information about his position as Chairman of the Committee of Ethics, member of the Committee on Appropriations and Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veteran Affairs.

Immediately after greeting the class, Dent quoted the first Article of the Constitution pertaining to his part in government, "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives,"

According to Representative Dent, the main goal of the House is to fairly and equally represent all states and Americans in passing federal laws that would then be passed to the Senate and President.

Dent also spoke on the recent House vote for the government funding of Planned Parenthood. No federal funds should be put toward the abortion process with the exception of rape victims, said Dent. He, a member of the Republican party, easily admitted to voting toward the defunding.

The job isn't stressful but the fear of another government shutdown is always up in the air which is a possibility of stress for the House and U.S. government as a whole, said Dent.

"The United States is detached," said Dent. He implied the United States are becoming less and less engaged in world issues. Recently, America decided upon not engaging in the issue of Syrian refugees fleeing their country and risking their lives because of the horrible living conditions in their home country. This, as well as Obama's decision to pull troops out of Middle Eastern countries back in 2014, have led to this detatchment.

Representative Dent told students that as a U.S. Representative, the most important part of the job is being sure your part in the House and as the voice of your people is represented and recognized.

LHS remembers 9-11

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the US experienced a terrorist attack that changed our country forever. However, over time the memories of that day have faded a bit, so it is important to take time each year to remember. On the morning of Friday, September 11, 2015 at Liberty High School did just that.

Liberty came together to hold a flag raising ceremony to memorialize the tragedies that took place 14 years ago. Participating in the ceremony were the Liberty First Company, members of the American Legion, Army Recruiters and Sergeant Lizbeth Torres, a 2005 Liberty graduate who is currently serving in the Army National Guard. Sergeant Torres was on hand to assist with raising the flag and also represent all Liberty Graduates who are either currently serving or have served their country in the US Military.

Principal Harrison Bailey and School Board President Michael Faccinetto spoke to more than 300 students and faculty who gathered outside Liberty to watch the ceremony. Both spoke about the importance of paying tribute to those that lost their lives that day. [Click here to see pictures from the event. Video coming soon!]


2011 NCAA National Champion Anthony Robles visits Liberty

Anthony Robles, a three-time All-American and 2011 NCAA National Champion wrestler from Arizona State University visited Liberty today to share his UNSTOPPABLE message with students. Robles, born without his right leg, worked against all odds to become a national champion, having wrestled to a 36-0 senior year at Arizona State. Robles received the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the 2011 ESPY's.


The Liberty Athletic Club sponsored the visit, allowing virtually all of Liberty's students the opportunity to listen to Robles' message of persistence and dedication. Robles spoke of the importance of education, since, without his high school grades, he wouldn't have been able to attend the University of Arizona. A two-time walk-on, Robles had to prove his ability before earning a wrestling scholarship. Robles encouraged students to find their passion, and pursue it. After his presentation, Robles sat with students in an open question and answer session.

Robles' book, UNSTOPPABLE from Underdog to Undefeated: How I became a Champion was published in 2012 and may soon be the subject of a movie rumored to have Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in s starring role.

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Graduation Promo

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Liberty artists make their mark at the East Central PA Scholastic Art Awards 2015

Please congratulate Meaghan Seybert for earning a Silver Key in the 2015 East Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art Awards. Kiera Ginthner and Raisa Kochmaruk both earned Honorable Mentions. The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday February 22 at noon at William Allen High School. Their artwork will be on display at the Allentown Art Museum through Sunday, March 15. Click here to see some awesome artwork

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